Piazza Velasca, 5

The Velasca Tower is a skyscraper in Milan, located in the homonymous square, south of the Duomo. The name, derived from the former name, is linked to the Spanish Governor Juan Fernández de Velasco, who was dedicated the square in the 17th century. The tower stands in the city, which has become one of the best-known symbols. It was designed by Studio BBPR, on behalf of the Rice company, in collaboration with the engineer Arturo Danusso, on an area of Milan city centre devastated by the Anglo-American bombings of 1943. To build it served 292 days, 8 less than the contractual time. The first eighteen floors are occupied by shops and offices, the subsequent plans, until the 26th, are private apartments. They are developed on a broader plan than the underlying plans and this gives the characteristic “mushroom” shape of the Tower, accentuated by the many diagonal beams.
The beams support the external expansion of the upper floors but were the subject of irony of Milan that gave the building the nickname “grattacielo delle giarrettiere” or  “grattacielo con le bretelle”.

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