Via Palestro, 14

In Milan, the new trends and artistic experimentation have always found space at the PAC Pavilion of Contemporary Art. Its 1,200 square meters have hosted more than 200 exhibitions of Italian and international artists, who here gave shape to their creativity, dealing with the exhibition space and experimenting with new styles of expression and languages.

Photographic exhibitions, installations and video projections: from the videos by the Italian artist Grazia Toderi, to the shots of the American Andres Serrano, from Vanessa Beecroft’s performance to the Italian writers who interpret cultures Hip hop and Hyper-pop. But also educational activities, concerts, lectures and projections.

Realized by architect Ignazio Gardella, the pavilion is one of the most significant works of Italian architecture of the ’50s. It is presented as a flexible space, which despite its unusual trapezoidal shape, is capable of adapting to, and always in different ways, to the needs of exhibition has to interpret.

Its interior is lighted by large side windows, which overlook the beautiful gardens of Villa Reale.

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